Vietnam Maritime Services and Consultants Ltd is exclusive distributor of Fapmo Pump for supply submarine and surface pump for navy and civil vessel.

Fapmo Ltd is located in Outreau North of FRANCE. Fapmo designs, manufactures and markets since 1923, centrifugal pumps for clear and slurry liquids geared towards varying industrial sectors.

Today, thanks to their technical know-how and constant collaboration with its customers all over the world, FAPMO is able to guarantee high technical assistance with each project submitted.

With a wealth of experience behind them, FAPMO is capable of adapting to all requirements and constraints and submit to its customers appropriate technical solutions.

Backed by a solid reputation, FAPMO exercises its competence in a number of varied industrial sectors such as the Navy, Power, Sea Water Desalination, Sugar refineries, the Steel industry, Mining, Ore processing, the Chemical industry and so on … this at the four corners of the planet.

Submarine and surface ship pumps

Depending on the requirements and pumps, Fapmo can commit (and prove) on some of the following characteristics :

  • Ability to withstand shock > 120g
  • Low pressure fluctuation level on the whole range of the pump operation
  • Very low vibration and noise (<< 55dB)
  • MTBF > 10 years
  • Self priming bilge and ballast pumps working in any position of the boat
  • 100% compliant under any standards
  • Compacity : approx 30% less with canned motor
  • High efficiency pumps with low electrical consumption
  • Non magnetic pumps

Fapmo is also able to create a co-conception program with Customers in order to improve or develop a specific technology