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Internet on board

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VMSC has recently boosted the internet on board solution by using of near-shore connections for data-hungry applications like software updates, ECDIS, remote management, VoIP, crew communication, data acquisition, video conf.

SHIPZNET is our partner and provide a great solution with Shipznet radome which has 5 large antennas to improve the reception of network coverage upto 60 km off shore.

By using your own SIMCARD, the ship still can catch the good signal 300Mbit/sec to keep close communication with ship’s owner, ship management etc.,

It will save upto 50% of communication fee while using INMARSAT FBB.

With flexible package and option, you can use internet on board without worrying about excessive fees:

Option 1: MS 300:
● Contract period: 24 months
● No setup fee
● No hardware investments
● Plans for individual countries on request
Option 2: RA 300:
● Hardware only – use your own SIM
● Support package for 24 months available