Navigational Audits

Navigational Audits is a tool to increase the navigational safety standards in a shipping company.

According to OCIMF TMSA element 5, the operator shall arrange independent navigational reviews to check the navigational competence.

A Navigational Audit is a systematic control of how the Ship Operator’s Navigational procedures are followed.  The audit is not to be performed while the vessel is in port.

A Navigational Audit program starts with a discussion between the ship operator and the independent auditor what the outcome of the program should be. Issues that will be discussed can be how many percent of the fleet that will be audited yearly, how the follow up on any findings will be dealt with and the frequency of the audits. Ideally the outcome of the audits will be linked to the operators training program. The training can either take place in a simulator or been carried out onboard during the audits.

Vietnam Maritime Services and Consultants have experienced and qualified Auditors available to perform Navigational Audits onboard ships