Naval Simulation Solutions

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The Full Warship Trainer
Concept is based on a joint approach of Thales and Transas Marine. Both partners combine their individual
strengths to create a sophisticated training solution. Our approach combines scalability, flexibility and generic
characteristics, which allows to prepare for missions and drills of the whole battle watch and beyond.

The system structure
Joint Headquarter and War Gaming
• Continuously improved Thales Naval Fleet Strategic
Trainer (NFST) for War Gaming scenarios and HQ
• Flexible mission preparation on MCC , NHQ and
FHQ – level.
• Approved by and currently in operation e. g. at Tactical
Centre of German Navy.

Frigate Full Mission Bridge Simulator
• Proven NTPro 5000 software for full mission training
and assessment of bridge personnel competence
including officers of the watch.
• Up to 360° visualization systems and use of real
hardware components to create the most realistic
training environment.
• DNV GL “Class A” statement of compliance (as per the
Standards for Certification of Maritime Simulators
No. 2.14, October 2007).

Radio Communication Simulator
• Used by several hundred schools TGS 5000 software
solution, fully compliant with STC W’ 2010 Code and
IMO Model Course 1.25.
• For flexible training, certification and various communication
equipment compositions.
• DNV GL “class A” statement of compliance (as per
Standard for Certification of Maritime Simulators
No. 2.14, October 2007).

Engine Room Simulator
• ERS TechSim 5000 software has been specifically
designed for the education, training and assessment
of engine department personnel competence (both
engineers in charge of a watch, senior engineering
staff and ratings).
• DNV GL “class A” statement of compliance (as per
Standard for Certification of Maritime Simulators
No. 2.14, October 2007).

Helicopter/DoorGunner Simulator
• Based on realistic Thales SAGITTARIUS solution.
Small Arms and Tactics Trainer
• Reliable and long-term proven Thales SAGITTARIUS
solution to train individuals and teams for boarding
and land based operations.
• More than 140 systems are in operation around
the world, e. g. in the German Armed Forces and
The Netherlands.
Combat Information Cell (CIC) Trainer
• Use of long-term proven and continuously improved
Thales Action Speed Tactical Trainer (ASTT) solution
to train individuals, procedures in teams and
leadership skills.
• Flexible and easily extendable – from Fast Patrol
Vessels to Joint Support and Command Ships, Flotillas
and/or Fleets.
• The generic HMI approach allows to train CIC crews
from different platforms.
• In operation around the globe, e. g. at Naval School
of Operations of the German Navy.
Instructor Workplaces/Exercise Preparation
• Separate instructor workplaces for individual simulators
and trainers allows joint operation as Full
Warship Trainer or separate training sessions with
each element (e.g. common Command Team Training
with Bridge and CIC – Team).
• Instructor workplaces can be configured flexibly
in one common or in separate rooms.
• Instructor Workplaces are used for monitoring the
game/exercise conduction, for debriefing or for exercise
• There is a common auditorium which is available
for Briefing and Debriefing purposes. Large Screen
Displays (LSD) are used for visualizing various exercise